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Quick Biographies

Alan Seeger

A Rendezvous with Death

John McCrae  1 and 2

In Flanders Field 

Raymond Chandler

From the Trenches to LA Noir

War Graves Forgotten and Lost

A PBS Newshour print article about thousands of US war burials outside of the cemetteries of the American Battle Monuments Commission

Commemorating Those who Died on Foreign Soil

Gold Star Mothers - Another Story

The African-American Gold Star Mothers of World War I had a Different Experience

Memorials to Civil War Dead Were Just That

Perhaps Different Interpretations of US Civil War Memorials Constructed Right After the War and Later in the Century

The War Dogs of Guam

The War Dogs of the Battle for Guam were so Valued that Twenty-Five were Buried in a Dedicated Cemetery. The Cemetery was Lost, then Rediscovered and Rededicated.

The Night Sentinel

For Alan Seeger, the nightwatch was the opportunity to look into the sky and consider his place in the cosmos while awaiting the first light of dawn on the Western Front.

Floating Purgatory

Captured by the British in the Revolutionary and 1812 wars, the prisoner of war could only pray that he would be taken to one of the hard time land-bound prisons of the Empire. The alternative prison hulks of the harbors could be dreadful beyond scale.

The Return of Richard Somers

In 1804, he was the first American naval hero to be buried abroad, and his remains remain beneath a park or parking lot in Tripoli, Libya. There are people in Somers Point, New Jersey who want him back, but the U.S. Navy is not interested.

Chris Dickon is a reformed, Emmy-winning public broadcasting producer, and author of seven books. Number eight is underway: with co-author Mieke Kirkels, an American version of her book about the biracial children of African American soldiers in World War II Netherlands.